Coating Thickness Gauge : Pocket Surfix®
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Pocket Surfix®

Coating Thickness Gauge : Pocket Surfix®

• Integrated measurement probe
• Handy pocket sized and convenient to carry around
• On-screen display of statistics
• Automatic substrate recognition

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The Pocket Surfix® coating thickness is gauge is small and handy to carry around.  It features an integrated probe and a v-groove in the plastic foot for improved stability on curved surfaces.  The probe has a hard wearing carbide pole tip providing almost unlimited durability.  

Available in Ferrous, Non Ferrous and combination Ferrous-Non Ferrous models.  The combination model features automatic recognition of substrate and sets the measuring mode accordingly.  

Statistics are shown on the screen of all common parameters.  The memory is for 80 readings which can be transferred to a PC or printer via infrared.


• On-screen statistics.
• Infrared data transfer.
• Automatic substrate recognition.
• Fe, NFe, Fe/NFe models available.
• Small and portable.
• Lightweight.


Measuring Range 0~1500µm
Accuracy ±(1µm+1%h)
Resolution 0.1µm or <0.2%h
Calibration Factory, Zero, Foil, Offset
Memory 80 Readings
Interface Infrared
Dimensions 110mm x 50mm x 25mm
Weight 90g incl Batteries




Pocket Surfix®

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