Brinell Hardness Tester : THB3000
  • Brinell Hardness Tester : THB3000
  • Brinell Hardness Tester : THB3000

Brinell Hardness Tester : THB-3000 Series

• Bench mounted Brinell hardness testers 
• Closed loop sensor loading, electronic control
• Test force ranging from 62.5kgf to 3000kgf

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Bench mounted Brinell hardness testers for testing of cast iron, forging steel and raw, unfinished materials.  

They feature closed loop sensor loading and electronic control system as standard.  Model variations include features such as auto-turret and auto focus, automatic loading, dwell and unloading.

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  • •Closed loop, load cell, force feedback system for reliable load application
  • •Adjustable test force range: 62.5kgf to 3000kgf
  • •Built-in printer (D and MD variants only)
  • •HB Value displayed on LCD screen (D and MD variants only)


MODEL THB-3000 THB-3000D THB-3000MD
Impacting Energy 11mJ 90mJ 2.7mJ
Mass of Impact body 5.5g/5.5g/7.2g 20g 3.0g
Diameter 20/20/6mm 30mm 20mm
Length 147/86/202mm 255mm 141mm
Weight 75/50/60g 250g 75g
Max. Hardness of workpiece 940/940/950HV 650HV 1000HV
Surface Roughness of workpiece ≤1.6µm ≤6.3µm ≤0.4µm
Min weight of workpiece (direct) >5Kg >15Kg >1.5Kg
Min weight of workpiece (support) 2~5Kg 5~15Kg 0.5~1.5Kg
Min weight of workpiece (coupled) 0.05Kg~2 0.5~5Kg 0.02~0.5Kg
Min thickness of workpiece (coupled) 5mm 10mm 1mm
Min thickness of hardened layer 0.8mm 1.2mm 0.2mm
Hardness of spherical test tip 1600HV
Material of spherical test tip Tungsten Carbide